The assistance we provide

What is Sir Roden & Lady Cutler Foundation?

Sir Roden & Lady Cutler Foundation evolved from the Kings Cross Rotary Club 1990’s ‘Home and Away’ project, which provided emergency transport for the young, the elderly and the disabled needing to get to and from vital medical appointments.

There are many vulnerable members of our community, including children, elderly and disabled, who cannot get to and from medical appointments, including people in affluent areas. The ramifications of this are numerous, they can be shocking and they are often silent.



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The Impact

These include:

  • Quickly deteriorating health
  • Severe loneliness and lack of self-esteem and sadly,
  • A huge sense of abandonment
    Imagine if this was us or a member of our family or friends.

The Intervention

Our foundation established in 1999 was set up to address this gaping void.

It’s a simple and effective transport & care model that address three key needs:

  1. For our clients it provides, not just free and flexible transport in the metropolitan area, but critical social connections in the community.
  2. For our volunteer drivers, the bonds they form with clients, often making them feel like an extension of the family, give them a deep sense of purpose.
  3. For that often forgotten section of society – the Carers – the service provides much-needed respite.

The Benefits

The benefits of our work are far reaching:

The effect on clients’ overall well-being is enormous, knowing that someone cares and can be relied upon to transport them when needed.

Because we’re a cost-effective volunteer service, our foundation reduces their financial burden and stress.

Importantly, we connect them to community networks to support their specific physical & mental needs.

The Sir Roden & Lady Cutler Foundation provides help when no one else can.

And there are thousands of people who need our service.

The Charity relies overwhelmingly on the generosity of the corporate sector and private donations.

You can read more in our latest Newsletter “The Governors Report” here.

To Join our ever-expanding group of generous benefactors, please phone (02) 8765 8661 or email us.

You can find out more about the Sir Roden & Lady Cutler Foundation by viewing a pdf of our Performance Report here.

Helping Where We Can

The Foundation endeavours to help people most in need. This has never be more emphasised by the donation of a Wheelchair accessible Vehicle worth more than $40,000 to the family of one of our clients a quadriplegic 14 year old boy named Isaac Israel from Roselands.

Before the donation Isaac (a quadriplegic since birth) was confined to home as he had no other form of transport except for the times the Foundation took him to his doctors. Now with the donation of the purposely built Vehicle he & his family can now go out and enjoy the simple things we take for granted such as going to the beach, having a family picnic, going Shopping etc.

Isaacs mother Mona cannot put in words and express how grateful her family is to the Foundation for turning their life’s around and importantly the major impact it has had on Isaac’s quality of life now and forever.