Our Objectives

To relieve persons in Australia who are in necessitous circumstances.

To relieve persons in necessitous circumstances who are unable to attend to their necessities of life without transport assistance, including the infirm, the aged, the incapacitated, the disabled, the intellectually impaired and the delinquent.

To provide to persons who, by reason of their infirmity, age or disability are immobilised, transport to hospital, medical practitioner, social workers or to other venues to obtain the necessities of life.

For the public benefit, to provide to persons or organisations providing to persons in Australia direct relief in cases of disability, distress, helplessness, misfortune, poverty, sickness and suffering.

Our Vision

To help when there is no one else who can.

Our Mission

“To provide needy Australians and their carers with the transport and financial support necessary to
maintain and enhance their quality of life”

Our Values

Responsive Ensure the transport/mobility needs of elderly and disabled are being supported and met in a timely manner.

Caring All people that we interact with or provide a service to will be treated with respect, patience and courtesy.

Independence The opportunity for people to remain within their home and local community and benefit from the services that local networks can bring.

Volunteering Promote and recognise giving and community service and interaction through, sharing and co-operation between residents living and operating within our community.

Sir Roden Cutler

Sir Roden Cutler 1916 – 2002 | VC AK KCMG KCVO CBE

Sir Arthur Roden Cutler, VC, AK, KCMG, KCVO, CBE (24 May 1916 – 22 February 2002) was an Australian diplomat, the longest serving Governor of New South Wales and a recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest award for gallantry “in the face of the enemy” that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth armed forces. (read more)

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Our History: how the Foundation evolved

Sir Roden & Lady Cutler Foundation had its genesis in 1999, when the Kings Cross Rotary Club created the ‘Home and Away’ project after identifying a need in the local community to help stranded and at-risk youth who found themselves, for a range of reasons, unable to get safely home at night.

The support offered by this project greatly assisted the local community in a number of ways, including by relieving the social welfare burden on local police. The Home and Away project expanded into daylight hours when it became apparent that the elderly could also greatly benefit from outside assistance to travel to and from medical appointments.

By the end of 2000, Rotary members had completed over 1500 trips, escorting the infirm and seriously ill to their vital medical appointments. In one case, a local doctor, who was also a Rotarian, arranged a lift home for one of his elderly patients following an appointment. A previous street assault had left her afraid to go home alone.

This type of personal commitment and compassion is typical of so many of our volunteers who make the charity what it is today.

In 2001, the demand from doctors, hospitals and aged care facilities for our services had climbed so high that it became necessary to establish a formal structure around the programme by appointing a Patron and Board. It was renamed Club St Christopher, after the patron saint of travelers, and the reinvigorated organisation took its first steps to carry on its vital work.

Lady Cutler became involved as an advisor to Club St Christopher in 2002 and generously allowed the name of her late husband to be used as a tribute. In 2009 The charity changed its name to the Sir Roden & Lady Cutler Foundation to reflect the involvment of Lady Cutler with the charity. Sir Roden Cutler was a Victoria Cross recipient and the 32nd Governor of NSW – the longest serving in the State’s history.


Our principal advisor is Lady Cutler


Our patron is Alan Jones AO