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I write as patron of the Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Foundation Inc. This Foundation has done, for many years, remarkable and unique work via a ‘Pick Me Up’ service which began back in 1998 and has grown from humble beginnings of 300 trips a year to now over 14,000. These are people who, without the Foundation, would be virtually abandoned. They are elderly people who have no way of getting to a doctor’s appointment. They are veterans of several theatres of war who have no one to get them to essential services that they regularly seek.

The ‘Pick Me Up’ service provides extraordinary and unprecedented support for such worthy yet needy people in our community. Now the Foundation is seeking to inaugurate a Special Circumstances Grants Programme for those who need specialised equipment and other simple necessities of life. What the Foundation is seeking is Sponsors to ensure the continual success of this wonderful charity. It is a call to arms. But I would like to think that being a sponsor would be an honour and a prestigious appointment.

The mission of the Foundation is very straightforward: ‘To provide needy Australians and their carers with the transport and financial support necessary to maintain and enhance their quality of life’. But what impresses me about the work of the Foundation is the nature of the work and the way it is carried out.
The key is to treat these people with respect, patience, courtesy and dignity at a time in their life when all those qualities are often denied them. The Foundation also seeks to secure the independence of such people, to enable them to remain within their home and local community but benefit from services that local networks can bring.

I hope you’ll see fit to respond to my ‘call to arms’. We would very much like to have you on board.

With personal best wishes,
Alan Jones AO, Patron

Helping Out When No-one Else Can