THANK YOU for what you do! My aunt Carolyn Millard had a stroke followed by a heart attack and further brain bleed resulting in her being in a coma and ultimately disabled. Besides the physical deficits, she lost her freedom and independence which she fiercely worked for. She is equally, fiercely committed to her recovery and your transportation services have made a huge difference in her being able to do that. Your transport enables her to get to physical therapy training. Beyond the benefits to her physically, the social and emotional contact with others has helped her recovery in ways I dont know how to measure. An additional benefit is that my mother, her sister and her carer, knows Carolyn is in safe hands, had some independence and my mum can have some time to herself while Carolyn is at rehab.

Carolyn does not know I am writing to you. I live in the U.S.A and it is horrible being so far away when someone you love needs help. I have no words to tell you the abundance of gratitude of I have to you … To know she has the Roden Cutler Foundation services to help give her some independence and get her to the help she needs is AMAZING. THANK YOU

Suzanne Elliot