1. Must be for medically related appointments only. (i.e. GP’s, Hospital, Specialist, Rehab facilities or related services).
  2. Must be on a Pension (Aged or Disability).
  3. Must be mobile enough to get in and out of the Vehicle unassisted (otherwise a Carer needs to accompany the patient).
  4. Client referral Form must be completed by a Medical Organisation staff member / Medical Professional or social worker.
  5. Must reside in the Areas we cover as per the Service Map area on our website.
  6. COVID 19 – Patients and Carers (if accompanying) must be double vaccinated.
  7. Dept of Veteran Affairs Card recipients not eligible.
  8. Workcover recipients not eligible.
  9. Intervening treatment, intravenous therapy patients or patients who need monitoring whilst in Transit not eligible.